Feb 8, 2008

Garbage Can Art.

When we can make art on these cans then why letting it look the regular old way? Here are some creative illustrations of art on these cans.

Can Art (21) 1(Image: Credit).

Can Art (21) 2(Image credit: Ardenstreet).

Can Art (21) 3(Image credit: Lindn).

Can Art (21) 4(Image credit: Thatcar).
Decorated can on corner of over the Rhine, just north of downtown Cincinnati.

Can Art (21) 5(Image: Credit).

Can Art (21) 6(Image credit: Signifying).

Can Art (21) 7(Image: Credit).

Can Art (21) 8(Image credit: Patanne).

Can Art (21) 9(Image credit: Thepearl).
'High fashion bin art'.

Can Art (21) 10(Image: Credit).

Can Art (21) 11(Image credit: Shaggy).
Art on the can at Coachella.

Can Art (21) 12(Image: Credit).
A neat can at downtown Bellingham.

Can Art (21) 13(Image credit: Faerysequins).

Can Art (21) 14(Image credit: Sakraft1).

Can Art (21) 15(Image credit: Smhyla).

Can Art (21) 16(Image credit: Faerysequins).

Can Art (21) 17(Image credit: Tiffibunny).

Can Art (21) 18(Image: Credit).

Can Art (21) 19(Image: Credit).

Can Art (21) 20(Image credit: Meowmixxer).

And here is this special one: Chicago Truck:

Can Art (21) 21(Image: Credit).

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