Feb 4, 2008

Funny Dog Signs.

Here are a few funny, hilarious, & amusing dog signs, which we found interesting. Take your pick!

Funny Dog Signs (14) 1Funny Dog Signs (14) 2Funny Dog Signs (14) 3Dogs are not allowed to dance here?

Funny Dog Signs (14) 4Bilingual sign.

Funny Dog Signs (14) 5Funny Dog Signs (14) 6Funny Dog Signs (14) 7Funny Dog Signs (14) 8Funny Dog Signs (14) 9(Image credit: Amatthews).

Funny Dog Signs (14) 10(Image credit: Aliceswndrland).

Funny Dog Signs (14) 11(Image credit: Numberstumper).

Funny Dog Signs (14) 12 (Image credit: Hugovk).

Funny Dog Signs (14) 13(Image credit: Bratan).
Translation: 'Here I am the boss'.

Funny Dog Signs (14) 14(Image credit: Artery.e).

Other source: 1, 2, 3.

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