Feb 14, 2008

Art Car.

So to what extent can you go to make your car 'distinguished' from the rest of the world? The best part is that it would be easy for you to find your car parked in dozens of similar looking cars as it stands out among the commons. Here are some illustrations of what people did to their cars that ultimately turned out to be the work of art & it ended up being 'art cars'.
Its said a lot is known about a person seeing the car he drives, so are you ready for the bold paint jobs, gluing toys & other stuff to your car & making it stand out from the rest?

Art Car (15) 1
Art Car (15) 2
Art Car (15) 3
Art Car (15) 4
Art Car (15) 5
Art Car (15) 6
Art Car (15) 7
Art Car (15) 8
Art Car (15) 9
Art Car (15) 10
Art Car (15) 11
Art Car (15) 12
Art Car (15) 13
Art Car (15) 14
Art Car (15) 15
Art Car (15) 16
Source: That car.

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