Feb 21, 2008

Army Food.

Napoleon said, "an army travels on its stomach." Here is the food that is served in Israeli army. You may find these images not much of interest & even you may think why this post was created in first place. Perhaps as we thought this wont interest you, then again coming to think of it you may very well like what's served in Israeli army when you follow through the rest of this post.

Israeli army food (19) 1Israeli army food (19) 2Israeli army food (19) 3Israeli army food (19) 4Israeli army food (19) 5Israeli army food (19) 6Israeli army food (19) 7Israeli army food (19) 8Israeli army food (19) 9Israeli army food (19) 10Israeli army food (19) 11Israeli army food (19) 12Israeli army food (19) 13Israeli army food (19) 14Israeli army food (19) 15Israeli army food (19) 16Israeli army food (19) 17Israeli army food (19) 18Israeli army food (19) 19And here we have daily food pack, given to the soldiers of Russian army.

Russian army foodThis pack contains: rice with meat, buckwheat with meat, stewed pork, chocolate paste, instant drink concentrate, tea with sugar, sugar, vitamin, can heater, napkins & can opener. This pack weight 1.6 kg & is also used in certain areas of Russian Federation (Chechnya & borders with other countries).

And this is the state of affairs of British army: Army food is 'cheaper than a dog's dinner'.

British army foodAs per the figures it shows that the British army spends more feeding its dogs than its soldiers.

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