Feb 4, 2008

20 Beautiful Railway Bridges From Around The World.

These bridges are amazing feats of engineering. With the technological advancement of the last century, there was a tremendous boost in the construction sector. This gave a leap to the construction of railway bridges over every domain that was once regarded untouched - valleys, seas & rivers.
In honor of these amazing engineering marvels we have selected some of our favorite railway bridges from around the world.

Kew Railway Bridge.

Kew Railway Bridge(Image credit: Kayodeok).
The Kew Railway Bridge which spans the River Thames between Kew & Strand-on-the-Green, consists of 5 Wrought iron lattice girder spans of 35 meters each.

Railway Bridge Sweden - Finland.

Railway Bridge Sweden - Finland(Image credit: Henri Bonell).
The only direct crossing point between the Swedish & Finnish railways is this bridge located between Swedish (Haparanda) & Finnish (Tornio).

Fulham Railway Bridge.

Fulham Railway Bridge(Image credit: Kayodeok).
This bridge is 418 meters long lattice girder construction with 5 spans (301 meters) across the river & one span on the north & two more on the southern shore.

Wearmouth Railway Bridge.

Wearmouth Railway Bridge(Image credit: Paul C Reus).
Wearmouth Bridge & Railway Bridge in Sunderland. The bridge in the background is a railway bridge & is still in use

Riga Railway Bridge.

Riga Railway Bridge(Image credit: Kate Ferrara).
Illuminated Riga railway bridge

Glasgow Central Railway Bridge.

Glasgow Central Railway Bridge(Image credit: Ericwyllie).
At night it looks magnificent.

The Tay Bridge.

The Tay Bridge(Image credit: theOtherdrBen).
The Tay Bridge (Tay Rail Bridge) is a railway bridge approximately two & a quarter miles & spans the Firth of Tay in Scotland, between the city of Dundee & the suburb of Wormit in Fife.

Richmond Railway Bridge.

Richmond Railway Bridge(Image credit: Aubrey Stoll).
Its located near Richmond Town center in Surrey, on the outskirts of London.

Hohenzollernbrucke Railway Bridge.

Hohenzollernbrucke Railway Bridge(Image credit: Thomas Robbin).
The Hohenzollernbrücke over the river Rhine in the German city of Cologne.

Railway Bridge in Scotland.

Railway Bridge in Scotland(Image credit: Langley Monkey).

Grosvenor Bridge.

Grosvenor Bridge(Image credit: Bridgepix).
Grosvenor Bridge (Victoria Railway Bridge), is over the River Thames in London, between Vauxhall Bridge & Chelsea Bridge.

Bridge over Veltava River.

Bridge over Veltava River(Image credit: Lekkosc.butow).
Over the Veltava river, Prague. Just after sunset.

Blackfriars Railway Bridge.

Blackfriars Railway Bridge(Image credit: Kayodeok).

Tara Street Railway Bridge.

Tara Street Railway Bridge (Image credit: Taz Nelson).

Battersea Railway Bridge.

Battersea Railway Bridge(Image credit: Phaif).
The Battersea Railway Bridge (Cremorne Bridge), is an east-west bridge across the River Thames in London.

Railway bridge over the Snake River.

Railway bridge over the Snake River(Image credit: Jpn).
Railway bridge over the Snake River near Rigby, Idaho.

Railway Bridge over the Brisbane River.

Railway Bridge over the Brisbane River(Image credit: RaeA).

The River Kwai Bridge.

The River Kwai Bridge (Image credit: Magalie L'Abbé).

Bridge in Petitcodiac.

Bridge in Petitcodiac(Image credit: Stephen Downe).

Railway Bridge over a unknown river.

The railway bridge over the river (Image credit: Alfanhuí).

Thanks to all the photographers who took these beautiful images; they must have waited for ages to get the precise moment to click these amazing photos.

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