Jan 7, 2008

Tape Art.

Collection of ‘Tape Art’ from all over the world.

Tape Art:

Tape art 1Tape art creates leadership in business workshop.

Tape art 2
Tape Art is the brainchild of its creator Michael Townsend. Tape Art's first drawings were all created by spontaneous groups on the ground in an overnight activity.

Tape sculptures by Mark Jenkins:

Tape sculptures by Mark Jenkins 1
Tape sculptures by Mark Jenkins 2Tape sculptures by Mark Jenkins.

Duct tape art:

Tape art
Leonardo, the lion fish, is a papier mache' project where the fins (over 30 of them) are made entirely from duct tape, attached with duct tape to the body, spray painted gold and then hand painted with metallic paint. He is approximately 22" long and was constructed around an empty plastic bottle.

Fancy Deluxe Duct Tape Creations.Fancy Deluxe Duct Tape Creations.
Duct Tape is art in and of itself. It is intrinsically beautiful either on or off of the roll. But, if you're like us, and we know we are, you just can't stop yourself from creating stuff with duct tape.
Duck Tape art"I never thought I could do so much with this stuff," says Scott.

Duck Tape Guitar CaseDuck Tape Guitar Case.

Packing tape art:

Packing Tape Art 1
Packing Tape Art 2
Packing Tape Art 3This is the artwork of Mark Khaisman a ukrainian artist based in philadelphia who creates artwork from brown packing tape. 'I work on the light easel, applying translucent brown packing tape on clear Plexiglas panels, the layers built up to create degrees of opacity.'

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