Jan 14, 2008

Soldier Formations' Photography.

Arthur Mole & J. D. Thomas took a series of "living photographs" made during 1914-1918, in which tens of thousands of soldiers, reservists & other military members were arranged to form massive symbols.
Mole was a commercial photographer. He visited various army, marine & navy camps to photograph his massive compositions. He is considered a pioneer in the field of performed group photography.
Ten images are most famous from this period. They include images of Woodrow Wilson, the Liberty Bell, Statue of Liberty, an American eagle as well as emblems of the YMCA and the Allied flags. The Human U.S. Shield required the placement of 30,000 people; The Liberty Bell 25,000.
The work by Mole & Thomas is now part of the Chicago Historical Society, The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum Of Art & the Library of Congress.

Sincerely yoursSincerely yours, Woodrow Wilson. 21,000 officers and men.

The Human U.S. ShieldThe Human U.S. Shield. 30,000 officers and men.

Human Statue of Liberty Human Statue of Liberty. 18,000 officers and men.

U.S. Naval RangeU.S. Naval Range.

Y.M.C.A. emblemY.M.C.A. emblem.

The Living allied flagsThe Living allied flags.

The Human Liberty BellThe Human Liberty Bell<. Other Posts: Green Cars.
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