Jan 10, 2008

Soapbox Cars.

Collection of ‘Soapbox Cars’ from all over the world.

Soapbox Car (9) 1An official Soap Box Derby racer from 1967.
A soapbox car (also variously known as a soapbox cart, and especially in Australia, billy cart) is a motorless vehicle capable of holding a driver (usually a child) built for the purpose of racing or recreation. Propelled by gravity, soapbox cars can reach upwards of 50 km/h (30 miles per hour). Originally, soapbox cars were built from orange crates and rollerskate wheels, but have grown more sophisticated over time, with materials like aluminum and fiberglass being utilized.

The Catterline Cartie Challenge is a competition for homemade soapbox carts held annually in Catterline, near Stonehaven, Scotland. It is part of the Catterline Gala Weekend and is held annually on the second Sunday in June.
It was first held in 2005, when 11 soapbox carts (or "carties", as they are known locally) were entered. The number of entries has grown in subsequent years, and in 2007 there were 21 carties taking part.
Soapbox Car (9) 2
Soapbox Car (9) 35 month 5 days untill the Catterline Cartie 2008.

Soapbox Car (9) 4
The Pushcart derby is a popular sporting event held every August in Jamaica where homemade carts that are used for street vending, to transport items or as a racing cart take part in races like the American soap box races. The carts have been clocked at up to 60 miles per hour on a downhill homestretch.

Soapbox Car (9) 5The Soap Box Derby also called coaster car race is a youth soapbox car racing program which has been run nationally since 1934. World Championship finals are held each July at Derby Downs in Akron, Ohio. Cars competing in this and related events are unpowered, relying completely upon gravity to move.
Soapbox Car (9) 6All American Soap Box Derby official race date July 26, 2008.

Soapbox Car (9) 7How Do I Build A Soap Box Car?
The only place for you to buy a soap box starter kit is directly from the All-American Soap Box Derby. This is the organization that runs all soap box races in the United States. A basic soap box car kit costs around $300 US - but that doesn't include a set of wheels, which costs another $80.00.
Soapbox Car (9) 8And here is how to construct a soap box derby car by ehow.

Soapbox Car (9) 9These kids uses soapbox car, & ride a vertical 100 meters of gravity assisted ride & transport drinks, food & spare parts to trucks. They're called bomberos. Its in Perú from Huánuco to Tingo Maria, where the road from the Pacific coast across the Andes finds its way towards the Amazon lowlands & is near the top of the last mountain pass.

Other source: Fishki.

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