Jan 1, 2008

Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Rock, Paper, Scissors (4) 1Want to play like a champion, & go for the prize? Here is some thing from World RPS Society:
While it is true that from a mathematical perspective the 'optimum' strategy is to play randomly, it still is not a winning strategy for two reasons.
First, 'optimum' in this case means you should win, lose and draw an equal number of times (hardly a winning strategy over the long term). Second, Humans, try as they might, are not good at trying to be random, in fact often humans in trying to approximate randomness become quite predictable. So knowing that there is always something motivating your opponent's actions, there are a couple of techniques that you can use to tip the balance in your favour.
 Rock, Paper, Scissors (4) 2
Andrea Farina of Syracuse, NY became the 2007 World Rock Paper Scissors Champion after winning over fellow countryman David Arnold of Washington, DC with James Doolittle of Toronto coming in 3rd. This is the United States first ever Gold Medal placing since the World RPS Championships began in 2002.
Winning & losing is the part of game & this should be understood by anyone who wishes to compete. After all its matter of sportsmanship. But it looks like guys need to learn a lot.

<a href="//www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mgl34dzlbDQ">Watch the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" Video on Youtube</a>

After reading this it looks like we have been playing the game wrong. Now who will be the winner?
Rock, Paper, Scissors (4) 3Thinking of it again scissors does get the paper:

Rock, Paper, Scissors (4) 4

Here are the top secrets to winning at RPS. And still if you cant win & need some help, here it is.

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