Jan 7, 2008

Road Train.

Australia has the heaviest & largest road-legal vehicles in the world, & some of which configures topping out at close to 200 tonnes. And the majority are between 80 - 120 tonnes.

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This photo gives you a good look at the Bull bar on the front of the truck, as well as large kangaroo's the cattle stations (Ranchers) do not have a lot of fences so it is not unusual to have cattle in the middle of the main north to south highway.

Road Train (20) 3You have seen trucks on the back of trains, but have you ever seen a train on the back of a truck. In Australia, railways are few & most freight goes by road and the Road-Train is the best way to move it, thousand of miles though the vast outback of Australia from the city's in the south to the city of Darwin in the north and to the city of Perth in the west.

Road Train (20) 4 The longest road train ever assembled was 1,018.2 m (3,340 ft) long and consisted of 79 trailers with a combined weight of 1,072.3 tonnes (2.364 million lb). It was pulled a distance of 8 km (4.9 miles) by a Kenworth C501T truck driven by Australia's Steven Matthews, near Kalgoorlie, WA, Australia, on October 19th, 2000 in an event known as 'Doug's Tug', after organiser Doug Gould. As seen in the Guinness book of world records.

Road Train (20) 5They were on a mission and nothing could stand in their way. Their task is to attach upto 79 trailers at a total length of 1018 metres (this official length was recorded by main roads surveyors Bernie Millar and Ross Evans) and weighing in at 1072.3 tonne.

World's longest road trains: 1999 the town of Merredin, Western Australia made it into the Guinness Book of Records, when Marleys Transport made a successful attempt on the record for the world's longest road train. The record was created when 45 trailers, driven by Greg Marley, weighing 603 metric tons and measuring 610 metres were pulled by a Kenworth truck for 8 km.
In 2003, the record was surpassed near Mungindi, New South Wales, by a road train consisting of 87 trailers and a single prime mover (measuring 1235 metres in length).
The next record was 1,442 metres, set by a driver in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia in a Kenworth owned by Doug Gould.
In 2006, a truck with 112 semi-trailers (at a length of 1,474.3 metres) claimed a new record at Clifton, Queensland.

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