Jan 14, 2008

Presidential Planes.

Here we have a collection of Presidential planes. Some Prime Ministerial aircrafts are also included in this post, since all states aren't headed by the Presidents.


Australia's Prime Minister aircraft (3)  1
Australia's Prime Minister aircraft (3)  2(Image credit: Daniel Talbot).
Australia's Prime Minister aircraft (3)  3 (Image credit: Jeff Gilbert).
Two 737 Boeing Business Jets & three Challenger 604s are used by the Governor-General, Prime Minister & Minister for Foreign Affairs that are run by No. 34 Squadron of the Royal Australian Air Force. These aircrafts are regularly used for both domestic & international travel.


Presidential aircraft of Brazil (5)  1
Presidential aircraft of Brazil (5)  2
Presidential aircraft of Brazil (5)  3
Presidential aircraft of Brazil (5)  4
Presidential aircraft of Brazil (5)  5This customized model of the Airbus A319 was named Santos-Dumont & when the aircraft is transporting the President of Brazil it uses the call sign FAB 001 (Brazilian Air Force One).


prime ministers plane VIP fleet consists of five Airbus A310-300s (CC-150 Polaris), & four B. Challenger 604 business jets (CC-144), flown by crews of 437 Transport Squadron, based at CFB Trenton, as part of Air Transport Group, along with a detachment from 412 Squadron in Ottawa & is managed by Canadian Forces Air Command.
These planes primarily fly members of the Canadian Royal Family, Governor General of Canada, the Prime Minister apart from other high-ranking officials & foreign dignitaries.


Presidential Plane(Image: Credit).
Presidential Plane with Mig-29.

Air transportation for the President of the PRC(Image credit: Alexander Mar ).
Air transportation for the President of the PRC is run by the national carrier of PRC.
A Boeing 767 was purchased by the government for use by President in 2000. Delta Air Lines originally ordered Boeing 767. But an international incident occurred in 2001 when the government claimed it had discovered 27 spying gadgets in the aircraft's interior. Now the aircraft is a part of civil airlines after being refitted in San Antonio, Texas.

Czech Republic:

Air transportation for the President of the Czech Republic (4) 1 (Image: Credit).
Air transportation for the President of the Czech Republic (4) 2(Image: Credit).
Air transportation for the President of the Czech Republic (4) 3(Image: Credit).
Air transportation for the President of the Czech Republic (4) 4(Image credit: Kai block).
The fleet consists of two Airbus A319, a B. Challenger 600, two Tupolev Tu-154, & two Yakovlev Yak 40s for the President, Prime Minister, members of Government & Parliament of the Czech Republic, & is managed by the Czech Air Force.


Air transportation for the President of the GambiaGambia uses an Il-62 for their VIP flights.


VIP jet of Germany
Germany's senior government officials use two Airbus 310-304 aircrafts, previously of East Germany's Interflug, redesigned as Airbus 310 VIP by Lufthansa Technik for medium and long distance travel. The airplanes are named after Konrad Adenauer (10+21), after the first chancellor of (West) Germany, and Theodor Heuss (10+22), after Germany's first President.
Additionally, the German Air Force's Special Air Mission Wing Federal Ministry of Defence (Flugbereitschaft) runs six Challenger 601 jets (registration code 12+01/12+06) and three Eurocopter Cougar AS532 helicopters to handle the transportation needs of representatives of the German Government, Parliament and Military.

Air transportation for the President of the Italy (Image credit: Aeronautica).
The Italian VIP fleet consists of three Airbus Corporate Jets. One Airbus is equipped with 30 seats that is primarily used by the Prime Minister or President. The other aircraft has 50 seats for use of government officials. Apart from this, there are four smaller Dassault Falcon 50s & five Dassault Falcon 900s are also part of this fleet.


aircraft of  japanese Prime MinisterThe Japanese fleet is run by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force & consists of two Boeing 747-400 (20-1101 & 20-1102) aircrafts primarily used by the Prime Minister, the Emperor, Empress & other members of the Imperial Family.
The planes are officially called seifu-senyo-ki in Japanese & Japanese Air Force One/Two in English.


Mexico's President plane (Image credit: James Richard C. Jr.).

Mexico's President plane 2(Image credit: Daniel Havlik).
In 1987, a Boeing 757 was exclusively made for the transportation of Mexico's President. TP-01 is the plane's official name when President is on board.


VIP transporter of  Netherlands
VIP transporter of  Netherlands 2(Image credit: Airsceneuk).
The VIP transporter here is a Fokker 70 (F28-0070) used by the Prime Minister & Dutch Royal family & government officials.

President of Nigeria uses a Boeing Business Jet (737)The President of Nigeria uses a Boeing Business Jet (737) maintained & run by The Nigerian Air Force.

New Zealand:

Boeing 757-2 primarily used by the Prime MinisterThe VIP fleet of New Zealand consists of two Boeing 757-2 primarily used by the Prime Minister, New Zealand Monarch, other members of the Royal Family, & other government officials.


official aircraft of the President of Peru is a Boeing 737-500.
The official aircraft of the President of Peru is a Boeing 737-500.

Russian Federation:

 President of Russia uses  two Ilyushin Il-96-300PUThe President of Russia uses two Ilyushin Il-96-300PUs which are run by Russia State Transport Company.
'At least one of the aircraft was refitted as a VIP transport in 2001 by a British company for a price of GBP 10 million. As pictures made to the Internet in 2007 indicate, the luxurious refit included gold-plated bathroom fittings, marble floors, silk-lined walls and other expensive amenities.'

Here are those images:

Presidential aircraft of Russia (15) 1
Presidential aircraft of Russia (15) 2
Presidential aircraft of Russia (15) 3
Presidential aircraft of Russia (15) 4
Presidential aircraft of Russia (15) 5
Presidential aircraft of Russia (15) 6
Presidential aircraft of Russia (15) 7
Presidential aircraft of Russia (15) 8
Presidential aircraft of Russia (15) 9
Presidential aircraft of Russia (15) 10
Presidential aircraft of Russia (15) 11
Presidential aircraft of Russia (15) 12
Presidential aircraft of Russia (15) 13
Presidential aircraft of Russia (15) 14'The interior decoration of the plane by Britain's Diamonite Aircraft Furnishings was worth some $17 million. On the whole, the President's planet cost the Russian budget from $45 to $60 million, according to various estimates. The interior space includes the President's study and bedroom as well as premises for his staff, securities, other personnel, bathroom, lavatory, kitchen and conference room. '


Serbia's presidential plane(Image credit: Uros).
Serbia's current Presidential plane is in the middle (Dassault Falcon 50) & the newest one is the Learjet in the front.

The Serbian VIP fleet consists of Dassault Falcon 50 (YU-BNA) & a Learjet 31A (YU-BNZ) which is the responsibility of the Avio Service of Serbia.


 VIP transport of Thailand 1(Image: Credit).

 VIP transport of Thailand 2(Image: Credit).
The VIP transport of Thailand consists of a 737-800 & Airbus A319CJ named "Thai Ku Fah" for government flights.

United Kingdom:

Air transport for the British monarch
Air transport for the British monarch, other members of Royal Family, the Prime Minister and other ministers of the British Government is currently provided by No. 32 (The Royal) Squadron of the Royal Air Force (RAF); chartered civilian aircraft, and scheduled commercial flights. No. 32 Squadron's executive transport role is secondary to its principal function of providing communications and logistical support for military.
United States:

Presidential plane of the United States (5) 1

Presidential plane of the United States (5) 2(Image credit: Au.af.milt).

Presidential plane of the United States (5) 4 (Image credit: Sdb).

Presidential plane of the United States (5) 3(Image credit: Sdb).

Presidential plane of the United States (5) 5(Image credit: Boeing).
Air Force One is the air traffic control call sign of any United States Air Force aircraft carrying the President of the United States. Since 1990, the Presidential fleet consisted of two specifically configured, highly customized Boeing 747-200B series aircrafts - tail codes 28000 and 29000 - with Air Force designation VC-25A. While these aircrafts are referred to as Air Force One only while the president is on board, the term is commonly used to describe either of the two aircrafts normally used and maintained by the U.S. Air Force solely for the president.
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