Jan 4, 2008

People Who Are A Bit Different.

Collection of ‘People Who Are A Bit Different’ for you.

Man with a horn on his headMa, a 93-year-old man is from a small village in East Asia. It all started a few years ago. The growth just kept on getting bigger & stronger, ultimately forming a horn of about 10cm (4 inches).

Man with a horn on his head 1
Saleh, 102, spoke to the Yemen Observer about the astonishing experience of growing horns on his head, beginning at the age of 77. The first, he said, began growing some 25 years ago, and kept growing until it reached a length of half a meter. But that horn came off one day last year. Eight days later, another horn started growing in the same spot as the first one. This horn is currently still growing on the left side of his head. Doctors at the Aden Specialized Hospital believe that the horn was caused by multiplying layers of strong, dried skin on Saleh's head. Eventually these layers piled up enough to become a horn.
Man with a horn on his nose
Man with a horn on his noseThis guy has a horn on top of his nose & seeing the image it looks like it's a strong one. Details are unknown about this person.

lady who has a nipple on her foot
lady who has a nipple on her footThese are the photographs of a 22 year old lady who had a nipple on her left foot.

These are the people who themselves made the changes to look different from the rest:

FischmaulNow we have silicone br***t implants as a part of a tattoo. One other thing it looks cool.
Zygzag, originally from Poland and now living in Germany, has stretched his cheek to never seen before lengths (or rather, diameters).

fish mouthZygzagpeople who are different
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