Jan 8, 2008

Oil Platforms.

An oil platform is a large structure used to house machinery & men who drill or produce oil & natural gas from the ocean bed. These platforms may be attached to the ocean floor that consists of an artificial island or may be floating, depending upon the circumstances.

Oil platform  in the Gulf of MexicoOffshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

oil platformUndergoing maintenance just outside the Cromarty Firth in the north of Scotland.

oil rigThe jack-up is on location and ready to start jacking-up.

The tallest oil platforms in the world:

  Petronius Platform, 610 metres.
  Baldpate Platform, 579.1 metres.
  Bullwinkle Platform, 529.1 metres.
  T.A Platform, 472 metres.
  Gullfaks C, 380 metres.

Petronius Platform.

Petronius Platform 1(Image credit: Dailynightly).

Petronius Platform (Image credit: Allaboutskyscrapers).
The Petronius Platform is a deepwater oil platform run by Chevron Corporation and Marathon Oil in the Gulf of Mexico, 210 km southeast of New Orleans.
The multi topsides are 64 meters by 43 meters by 18.3 meters high and hold 21 well, and the entire structure weighs around 43,000 tons. Around 8,000 m³ (50,000 barrels) of oil and 2,000,000 m³ (70 million cubic feet) of natural gas are extracted daily by the platform.

Baldpate Platform.

Baldpate Platform(Image credit: Offshore-technology).
Baldpate Platform is a 1901.9 feet tall (579.7 metres) offshore oil platform near the coast of Louisiana. Baldpate Platform was designed by Hudson Engineering (now J. Ray McDermott Engineering) in Houston, Texas, and installed by Hudson's parent company, J. Ray McDermott, through its Marine Division.

Bullwinkle Platform.

Bullwinkle Platform(Image credit: Offshore-technology).
Bullwinkle Platform is a 1,736 feet (529 m) tall oil platform in Gulf of Mexico. From Bullwinkle Platform 412.1 meters (1,352 ft) are below the waterline. It is located in Manatee Field, approximately 160 miles (257 km) southwest of New Orleans. Bullwinkle Platform belongs to ShellPetroleum. Its construction took 500 million $.

T. A Platform.

A Platform
A Platform 1(Image credit: Statoil.no).
T.A has an overall height of 472 meters and weighs 656,000 tons. It has the distinction of being the tallest structure ever moved by mankind. The platform stands on the sea floor 303 meters below the surface of the sea. The walls of T. A's legs are over 1 meter thick. The T. A platform is a huge platform for production of gas, it is the highest construction that has ever been moved to another position, and is among the largest and most complex engineering projects in history. Built by Norwegian Contractors for NorskeShell, the platform was a televised sensation when it was towed into the North Sea in 1996, where it is managed & run by StatoilHydro.

Gullfaks C.

Gullfaks C 2(Image credit: En.structurae).
Gullfaks C(Image credit: Offshore-vessels).

Gullfaks C is an offshore oil platform of StatoilHydro at Block 34/10 in the North Sea between Britain and Mainland Europe. The platform includes 217 metres below the waterline. The height of the total structure counted from sea floor is 380 metres, making it taller than the Eiffel Tower. Gullfaks C produces 250,000 barrels of oil a day. Mainland Norway is 108 miles away from the complex so the workers get to work by flying in helicopters. Gas was found in the North Sea in 1959 and oil was discovered in 1970. Gullfaks C was completed in 1990.
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