Jan 12, 2008

Moving On Up in the World.

Cycling can be fun, & hills are fun to go down, but going uphill can be hard. Still if there aren't that many hills around & the steep ones are few & far between then its fine.
Its a large world with hills somewhere around. Isn't it? And there is one such hill in Trondheim (Norway), which is a challenge to ride up on a bicycle & they built a bicycle lift, the only bicycle lift in the world.

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Hilly cities normally have a low share of cycling. How come that Trondheim, the third largest city of Norway, has the highest share of cycling compared to all the other Norwegian cities? We believe there are there reasons:
1. Trondheim is a university city with 30 000 students, 90 % of whom using their bicycles as their main transport tool.
2. During the last 20 years, there has been an investment of more than 20 mill NOK in a bicycle roads network and bicycle transport infrastructure in Trondheim.
3. One of the most important infrastructure elements is the bicycle lift Trampe. Since the opening in 1993, it's pushed more than 220 000 cyclist up the very steep hill BBrubakken in the historical heritage part of the city center.
There is no doubt that Trampe has inspired students as well as other people living in Trondheim to take to their bicycles. In a user survey, 41 % of the lift users claim they're using the bicycle more often due to the installation of Trampe.
Source: Trampe.

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