Jan 23, 2008

Life Size Origami.

Here are a few of the life size origami that we found interesting. Check them out.

Jabba the Hutt: During the world premiere of Return of the Sith, Jabba the Hutt was auctioned off & now has a new home in California.

Life Size Origami Jabba the Hutt (2) 1Life Size Origami Jabba the Hutt (2) 2

Redpath Pteranodon:

Life Size Origami  Redpath Pteranodon"Redpath Pteranodon," a 4-meter (16 ') wingspan origami Pteranodon installed at the Redpath Museum, McGill University, Montreal, Canada. Paper custom made by Papeterie St.-Armand, Montreal, Canada.

Model folded from largest square:

Life Size Origami Model folded from largest square (Image credit: Sadako).

Longest Chain: The longest construction made from folded paper is a gum wrapper chain by Gary Duschl.

Life Size Origami - Longest Chain Aqua-origami:

Artist Frank Boelter created a life size paper boat: 9-meter-long, 25-kilogram using 170-square-metre piece of 'Tetrapack' paper normally used in milk packages named "Bis Ans Ende der Welt" or Until The End Of The World.

Life Size Origami  boat(Image credit: Dailymail).

Aqua-origami(Image: Credit).

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