Jan 2, 2008

Lady Police Officers.

We have seen the lady officers in Armed Forces from the world in the past. And here we have made an attempt to compile some of the lady officers (SFW) from the Police Force from all over the world. They are attractive, smart, dashing ready to take over any issue, look elegant in their uniform & gives a feeling of security when looked upon.Whether they are on horse, driving a car, or on the foot, they are just amazing & are ready to discharge their duties with utmost care & precision. Till then check this out & let us know what you think?

Iranian Female Police Cadets.

Iranian Female Police Cadets 1(Image: Credit).
Iranian Female Police Cadets 2
Iranian Female Police Cadets 3
Iranian Female Police Cadets 4
Iranian Female Police Cadets 5
Iranian Female Police Cadets 6These Iranian female police cadets seems to be in complete control & are capable of handling any issue.

Officers from PRC.

lady officers 1
lady officers 2These are the lady officers of PRC.

lady officers 3
lady officers 4Here are the lady officers of Dalian city of PRC riding on horses.

Female Iraqi Police Officers.

Female Iraqi Police Officers(Image credit: Lonestartimes).
"I would like to be a director of a police station or something higher in the police force," Sarah says.

Lady Officers from India.

Lady Officers from India 1In their full gear.

Lady Officers from India 2Trying to control crowd.

Women Police Officers of Macau.

Women Police Officers Of MacauHere we have Police women from Macau.

Officers from Japan.

Officers From Japan. 1
Officers From Japan. 2Japanese lady officers seems to be ready for action.

Korean Lady Police Officers.

Korean Lady Police Officers. 2
Korean Lady Police Officers. 1Here we have Korean police officers in full vigour.

Lady Police Officers from Hong Kong.

Lady Police Officers from Hong Kong
Lady Police Officers from Hong Kong 2These are the lady Police officers from Hong Kong.

Female Police Officers of Pakistan.

Female Police Officers of Pakistan.Here are some female police officers in Pakistan keeping vigil during a rally.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer.Royal Canadian Mounted Police Woman at the Fair.

Ukranian Patrolwoman.

Ukranian Patrolwoman.Ukranian Patrolwoman in dress uniform for parade detail.

Lady Police Officers of U.S.A.

Lady Police Officers of U.S.A 2(Image: Credit).
Lady Police Officers of U.S.A 1Discharging their duties.

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