Jan 1, 2008

Interesting Signs.

Here is a collection of some humorous, funny signs which we have been collecting for quite sometime now. We are sure these are some of the best, what do you think?

Help desk humorHelp desk humor.

eager to go right"Every morning i am eager to go right."

Sign in a Kirkland, WA coffee shop Spotted in a Kirkland, WA coffee shop.

No ParkingNo Parking.

Cant pass signYou cant pass.

Bill stickerBill Sticker didnt do it .

Buckle upBuckle up sign.

signConnector sign

sign was posted in all the directions"This sign was posted in all the directions".

Interesting SignsSign sign.

unattended children sign Private sign for unattended children.

Escalator Escalator sign.

Interesting sign (15) 2 When you want answer as yes.

golf sign Funny golf sign.

sign at mall Funny sign at the mall.

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