Jan 23, 2008

Funny Moments In Sports.

Collection of ‘Funny Moments In Sports’ from all over the world.


Soccer (8) 1Its perfect, almost got there.

Soccer (8) 2Cool illustration of how to do heading!

Soccer (8) 3Yet another perfectly timed one.

Soccer (8) 4Real?

Soccer (8) 5(Image: Credit).

Soccer (8) 6(Image: Credit).
This is definitely below the belt.

once+again+its+soccer+fansFans are just amazing, especially when their star player is in such close vicinity.

World+cup+soccer+fansGuys will never change, they just need a chance & they are up to it again!


BaseBall (2) 1Perfect 10!

BaseBall (2) 2Now you know where to look for the ball!


TennisThis is sheer illustration of the power of concentration.


BasketBall (3) 1That's a basket!

BasketBall (3)  2Needs an underarm deodorant.

BasketBall (3)  3(Image: Credit).
A little push for the basket!

Other Sports:

Funny Moments In Sports (5) 1Coach lending a helping hand.

Funny Moments In Sports (5)  2Oh my!

Funny Moments In Sports (5)  3Two wheel drive.

Funny Moments In Sports (5)  4Got you.

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