Jan 14, 2008

Don't Leave Dogs Alone.

Seeing these images, it reminds us of what our dogs did when they were growing up. Now we have lost the count of couches, carpets, curtains, mattress & furniture that became their toys while growing up. But still they are so good to be around, a faithful companion who guards you & your property. But what we are talking about is when they were 'puppies'.
But here we have pictures of 'dogs' who did this, most probably when they were left alone.
As you know we have three dogs, & out of these three, still one 'Anakin Skywalker' (Doberman) does this when left alone. But at the end of the day its all about affection.

And here one in training session:

This is a Caucasian Shepherd Dog popular in Russia & other countries where shepherds need strong protection for their flocks & properties. Its looking like the trainer is having a hard time in giving this dog training even when the handler is holding on to the leash.
Here the dog does it because he has been commanded to do so. If this training is carried out properly it can be very useful in personal protection.
And in one image we see the protective arm gear has come off from the hands of the trainer & now if such situations arise where the handler cannot give a command, the dog should still use his own initiative.
A good trainer can make it look safe & easy, but this is not a past time for amateurs.
Dog are good companions & those who have their dogs trained for obedience, protection or guarding, need to know how to correctly handle the dog.

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