Jan 8, 2008

Cute Ducks.

Collection of ‘Cute Ducks’ from all over the world.

So small ducks & already tired, ready to give upSo small & already tired, ready to give up we hope the train is not due : (.

Ducks & moneyThis image was in wide circulation with this message in past. Later the true story behind the image was known: 'What you don't see is the camera crew, make-up and lighting people and a small crowd watching from behind them. This was for some ad and of course the woman in question is a model. It was an ad showing how safe Western Union money transfer system was.'

ducks crossingIts looking like they are taking ages to cross over.

potato looks like duckThis potato looks like a duckling.

peanut looks like duckAnd this peanut looks like a duck too, but rather a fat one.

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