Jan 1, 2008

Awesome Advertisements - Part 2.

Here again we have a compilation of cool, funny, or just amazingly creative advertisements. Below are our choices for top 10 creative advertisements!

Don't Forget To Wash Your HandsAdvertisement promoting hand-washing. The sign on the doorknob says: "92% of guys say they washed. 34% were lying".

Shave off the pastShave off the past …..

Creative Ads Using Vehicles' Exhaust Pipes Nicotinell - Feel like leaving?

Peephole+Advertising+with+Papa+John 1
Peephole+Advertising+with+Papa+John 2Interesting advertisementAdvertising with Papa John's. The sticker is placed in front of your peephole to help you visualize the advertisement.

Jontex from BrazilHere's an effort by McCann Erickson, Spain for Jonex. The headline reads, "you do not know when it can be necessary".

19% fat you can easily enjoy a bit moreWith 19% fat you can easily enjoy a bit more.

Ford Mustang billboard This Ford Mustang billboard was created using a special type of semi-transparent material that dims the scene behind it to make it look like you're moving really fast.

Max Factor
maxfactor_2Yet another interesting & creative billboard which changes once it rains to give the effect that the mascara is spreading.

Adidas goalkeeperAdidas placed (for 2006 World Cup) this massive billboard on the way to the munich airport.

Fiat: Airplane windowFiat Idea shaped adhesives were on placed the windows of airplanes.

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