Jan 5, 2008

Insect Art.

Steven is an artist, teacher, lecturer, photographer, writer, radio personality, consultant, and environmentalist. Working as a biological consultant for private industry, government agencies, the entertainment industry has earned him a worldwide reputation. He currently teaches biology part-time at West Los Angeles College and is active in educational entomology, art and outdoor education. Commanding a team of animal artists far too small to hold any paintbrush, Kutcher uses insects as living, moving paintbrushes to fashion his art.

Art (6) 1Beetle.

Art (6)  2Dance Steps.

Art (6)  3 Fly Miro No. 1.

Art (6)  4Bee No.1. Honey Bee.

Art (6)  5 Butterfly Feet and Wings.

Art (6)  6 Blue Moth.

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