Jan 3, 2008

Bead Crafts.

Here are some of the interesting pieces of videogame history created by Foglera using Perler beads. This collection has been photographed over a period of almost eight years, which shows her dedication & interest in it.

Bead Crafts (6) 1

Bead Crafts (6) 2

Bead Crafts (6) 3

Bead Crafts (6) 4

Bead Crafts (6) 6
Beads were arranged on special interlocking 29x29-bead square pegboards, using nearly every color available from Perler (the big buckets don't include every shade), both of which are available through eBay resellers. The pieces range in size from 3" to nearly a square foot.

Source images for the sprites came from Google image searches, sprite collection websites, my personal screen and those submitted by customers.
And here is the complete set of her 61 amazing photos which is nothing short of amazing.

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