Dec 31, 2008

Interesting Portraits.

Interesting Portraits.

Pablo Lobato is an Argentinean designer, illustrator and graphic artist who uses color and geometric shapes to create interesting portraits and illustrations.
The structures of his celebrity faces are amazingly abstract and the images are wonderful composition as graphic designs resulting in a beautiful blend and balance of design and drawing. Many of his portraits are of musicians and actors, and a few are of sports or political figures.
About the artist: Pablo was born in Trelew, Patagonia Argentina in 1970, not being very good at sports he used to spend long hours drawing and in 1982 he did his first portrait, which everybody seemed to like and hence he decided continue with it. But he didn't want to be a painter; he thought graphic design could be a good choice to keep on drawing while paying the bills. But it wasn't so, which he found out after 5 years of studying at La Plata University and 5 more years of working in editorial design. And he decided to give one more try to portraits. And this time things started to turn around in his favor, he found a great rep: Anna Goodson, and things started rolling. He has worked for Texas Monthly, TV Guide, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, Time, New York Daily News, People en espanol, etc.


This is the last post of the year 2008 and with this we conclude this year of blogging. Thanks for all the support you people gave us by ways of comments, tips for articles and posts. We will be doing our best : ) to keep getting interesting posts for you in the coming year too and we hope and are quite sure too ;) that you will be extending your support and keep us motivated by your comments and tips as you did in the past.
Our entire team wishes you a very Happy New Year!

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Dec 30, 2008

Human Mirror.

Human Mirror.

Improv Everywhere, is a group based in New York City which is well known for their urban pranks creating scenes of joy and surprise in public places. And here we have 'Human Mirror' one of their 80 achievements, where a subway car was filled with identical twins, creating a human mirror.
The twins were instructed to do everything they could to look identical. And they did an awesome job from their attire to matching accessories.
The twins sat on either side of the car, directly across from their sibling and each set of twins would mirror the actions of the other (as closely as possible) e.g. if one scratches his head, the other had to do the same and if anyone asked what was going on, they were to claim to not notice anything unusual.
Complete details, more photos and video are available at official website.

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Rankin is an incredible photographer whose various things makes his credentials impressive like editorials, covers, photographing celebrities and others. But what got out attention is the Eyescapes at the Art Department which are truly mesmerizing. This project 'Eyescapes' gives a beautiful understanding to the very famous figure of speech - beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
"The eye is the first thing that I look at," says Rankin. "I ask subjects to communicate with the camera through their eyes." The project includes extreme close-ups of eyes belonging to the photographer's family, friends and colleagues.
Visit his page for some other interesting series.

Eyescapes (3) 1Eyescapes (3) 2Eyescapes (3) 3Images copyright @ Rankin.

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Is An Earring?

Is An Earring?

It's an earring with a wireless storage up to 10GB designed by Ma. It uses the bluetooth technology for the data transfer; 'new millennium of the storage'.

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Dec 29, 2008

Most Creative and Coolest Bags Advertisements – Part 2.

Here is a collection ‘Most Creative and Coolest Bags Advertisements’ from around the world.

Botanique Slimming Cream: Before/After bag:

Most Creative and Coolest Bags Advertisements (10) 1Link

P Bag:

Most Creative and Coolest Bags Advertisements (10) 2To promote an article in Pmagazine, 127,000 of these printed bags were distributed a few weeks before the edition was published. The black bags were designed to look like a traditional dress, so that when a the book was dropped into it, the girl on the cover would appear to be wearing the traditional dress.

Reach out to the children:

Most Creative and Coolest Bags Advertisements (10) 3Link

One More Appealing Bag:

Most Creative and Coolest Bags Advertisements (10) 4Link

Another Amazing Bag:

Most Creative and Coolest Bags Advertisements (10) 5The optical illusion of people, carrying with ease this bag in one hand, entertains onlookers, as well as the actual bag-owners.

Dreamfields - Plastic bag:

Most Creative and Coolest Bags Advertisements (10) 6Link

Dont miss the part one of this series - Link.
Don’t miss to check out “Most Creative and Coolest Bags Advertisements – Part: 1| 2.”
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10 To 60 With Make-Up, Photography And A Good Model.

10 To 60 With Make-Up, Photography And A Good Model.

Here is a series of pictures with the same model at different ages, everything done with amazing make-up and lighting. Regardless of her "age" she's certainly impressive in every picture! All achieved with great make-up, photography and a good model. Any favorites? Thoughts?
Vogue Paris November 2008 with Eniko Mihalik by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin styled by Carine Roitfeld, make-up by Lisa Butler.

10 years old: (below)

10 To 60 With Make-Up, Photography And A Good Model (6) 120 years old: (below)

10 To 60 With Make-Up, Photography And A Good Model (6) 230 years old: (below)

10 To 60 With Make-Up, Photography And A Good Model (6) 340 years old: (below)

10 To 60 With Make-Up, Photography And A Good Model (6) 450 years old: (below)

10 To 60 With Make-Up, Photography And A Good Model (6) 560 years old: (below)

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Dec 28, 2008

A Good Reason To Keep Your Clothes On.

A Good Reason To Keep Your Clothes On.

Here we have some unconventional clothing options if you want to impress someone. Natural Mink from Miss & Lady's Boutique is a shirt to wear, when you have forgotten to shave and the best part is no one would even observe it!

A Good Reason To Keep Your Clothes On (5) 1A Good Reason To Keep Your Clothes On (5) 2
Same goes here too!

A Good Reason To Keep Your Clothes On (5) 3They also have different accessories to represent food and other visible impressions on your clothes.

A Good Reason To Keep Your Clothes On (5) 4
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Dec 27, 2008

Amazing Photo Work.

Amazing Photo Work.

Here are a few of the amazing photo works by Monkeyman. Not only his work is impressive but also his statement: "I am not a photographer or an artist, I just make images ..." and just one other interesting thing: he really appreciates your comments, but doesn't like flashing gifs, diamonds and various trophies. Here is the rest of the work - link, and do remember to drop in a line if you appericate his work.

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Dec 26, 2008

Paper Dress.

Paper Dress.

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