Dec 11, 2007

Yugo Art.

Yugo Art (15) 1The lighter & the shower are our favorites.
Artist Kevin O'Callaghan, a Manhattan School of Visual Arts professor, saw something of beauty in the car that the public has turned its back on. He bought 39 Yugos & asked his students to make objects of functional art from them.
Twelve of these recycled Yugos were displayed at the '97 auto show hosted by the St. Louis auto dealers association.
"What do you do when a Yugo don't go? It's about taking a useless product and giving it a new life," said O'Callaghan, also the exhibit's curator.
Yugo Art (15) 2
Yugo Art (15) 3
Yugo Art (15) 4
Yugo Art (15) 5
Yugo Art (15) 6
Yugo Art (15) 7
Yugo Art (15) 8
Yugo Art (15) 9
Yugo Art (15) 10(Image : Credit).
Yugo Art (15) 11(Image: Credit).
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Yugo Art (15) 15(Image: Credit).

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