Dec 27, 2007

Vienna Vegetable Orchestra.

Tired of bass, guitar, or drums? Then try using carrot, pumpkin, leek, cucumber or celery.
That's what the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra does, founded in 1998, the one of its kind in the world which performs music solely on instruments made of vegetables.
The 11-strong group plays everything from contemporary to house, jazz to classical using carrot flutes, pumpkin basses, leek violins, cucumberophones & celery bongos.
These guys have given a whole new meaning to playing with food.

Vienna+Vegetable+Orchestra%27s+instruments(Image credit: Telegraph).

"We got the idea one day while we were cooking and chopping tomatoes," Nicklaus, co-founder of the orchestra, said. "We got fascinated with the sound the chopping made, and from that moment we have started to hear music in a new way."

<a href="//">Watch the "Vienna Vegetable Orchestra" Video on Youtube</a>

Performances of Vegetable Orchestra appeals to all the senses, & at the end of concerts, the audience is offered fresh vegetable soup made from the instruments, we meant fresh vegetable.
Not only is this cool but it sounds great too!

<a href="//">Watch the "Live from the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra" Video on Youtube</a>

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