Dec 3, 2007

Sand Art.

Sand Art (11) 1

Sand Art (11) 2

Sand Art (11) 3

Sand Art (11) 4

Sand Art (11) 5

Sand Art (11) 6
The Sand Mandala is a Tibetan tradition which symbolizes the transitory nature of things.

Sand Art (11) 7 (Image: credit ).

Sand Art (11) 8 (Image: credit ).

Sand Art (11) 9 (Image: credit ).

Sand Art (11) 10(Image: credit ).

Sand Art (11) 11 (Image: credit ).
Rangoli is one of the most popular art forms in India. It is a form of sand painting to floor painting with traditional wet color, rather than the powder rangoli more conventional in south India.
The motifs in traditional Rangoli are usually taken from Nature - peacocks, swans, mango, flowers, creepers, etc. The colors traditionally were derived from natural dyes - from barks of trees, leaves, indigo, etc. aabir].

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