Dec 6, 2007

Petri Art.

These petri art was made by Eshel Ben-Jacob from the School of Physics and Astronomy, Tel Aviv University. The beautiful landscape architects in these petri dishes are actually colonies of tens of billions of microorganisms. The dazzling pattern reflects the underlying social intelligence of these bacteria. The patterns are the evidence of the cooperation as they try to survive using the pattern formation mechanism. The colors are the artistic additions to enhance the beauty of the art.

Petri Art (11) 8
Petri Art (11) 9
Petri Art (11) 1
Petri Art (11) 2
Petri Art (11) 3
Petri Art (11) 4
Petri Art (11) 5
Petri Art (11) 6
Petri Art (11) 7
Petri Art (11) 10
Petri Art (11) 11
Petri Art (11)


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