Dec 31, 2007

Party Time.

Minutes are ticking & in a short time the celebrations are to begin. Its time we bid goodbye to year 2007 & welcome 2008 with open arms. Drinks are to flow the whole time & many of us may be drinking like a fish, when we cant help it least we many try to be a bit more health conscious & make a better choice. In this image we have various products & brands, which suggest the benefit one gets by its consumption (we aren't in a mood to discuss the benefits of drinking & nor is this the time). Click on the image to enlarge.
Party Time (21) 1(Image credit: Treebeard).
Just another thing, we aren't sure of the origin of its source & hence its difficult for us to ascertain the authenticity of it or whether really it's a fact or was just created for fun.

And things to avoid:

Party Time (21) 2(Image credit: Jezebel).

Party Time (21) 3
Party Time (21) 4(Image credit: Dailymail).

Party Time (21) 5(Image: Credit).

Party Time (21) 6
Party Time (21) 7
Party Time (21) 8(Image credit: Dlisted).

Party Time (21) 9
Party Time (21) 10
Party Time (21) 11
Party Time (21) 12(Image credit: Kontraband).

Party Time (21) 13
Party Time (21) 14(Image credit: Thelondonpaper).

Party Time (21) 15
Party Time (21) 16
Party Time (21) 17
Party Time (21) 18
Party Time (21) 19(Image credit: Funtime).

Party Time (21) 20(Image credit: Funny-games).

Party Time (21) 21 (Image credit: Collegecandy).
Just in case if you can't, then see to that you don't get your images clicked or get uploaded on Facebook. One other thing least you don't do it yourself.
And with this post we concluded this year of blogging & wish you all a "Happy New Year", & thanks for the support you guys & gals gave us. See you in 2008!

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