Dec 19, 2007


Collection of ‘Origami’ from all over the world.

Insect Origami
Insect Origami 1Insect Origami: this is the creation of a Japanese artist named Taketori. They're the amazingly lifelike origami except they dont move. Check out his gallery with tons more pictures here.

Starwars Origami: jedi
Starwars Origami: yodaStarwars Origami: check out the Jedi origami in Phillip West's Starwars Origami Flickr set.

origamicheck out the photo set at Flickr.

origami The RingsThe Rings Origami.
Here is the gallery with all these amazing origami.

origami CD
origami DVD
CD case origami: the Spiral Data Tato is an origami CD or DVD case of the origata, that is, a presentation model, intended as a gift for an honored recipient. Tato is a Japanese word that means purse or wallet.

interesting origamiHere are some more interesting origami collections of c-po's photos at Flickr.

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