Dec 22, 2007

Interesting Advertisements By Natan Jewelry.

These are some of the interesting advertisements by Natan a famous jewelry company. In these ads of Natan, its shown how even not so good looking people can become good looking. If you see the guys on the left holding the jeweler box are supposed to be not so good but the moment the girls open up the jeweler boxes, these guys turn out to be their Prince charming of their dreams (least that's what girls feel).

natan-jewelry-advertisement (5) 1
natan-jewelry-advertisement (5) 2
natan-jewelry-advertisement (5) 3(Image credit: Aef).

natan-jewelry-advertisement (5) 4
natan-jewelry-advertisement (5) 5(Image credit: Geckoandfly).

And this is an in-bathroom advertisement that definitely gets the attention for its interactivity & unique approach.

natan-jewelry-advertisement inbathroom-advertisement(Image credit: Leighhouse).

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