Dec 17, 2007

Book Art!

This is something which even those who have no interest in books would prefer reading. If you are among those who think books are for only reading then think again!

unique world of  Georgia Russell (3) 1
unique world of  Georgia Russell (3) 2
unique world of  Georgia Russell (3) 3This Scottish artist doesn't use a brush or a pen. Her creations are nothing less than some fairy-tale creatures. Welcome to the unique world of Georgia Russell.

Book Art (21) 1
Book Art (21) 2
Book Art (21) 3Abelardo Morell, educated at Yale University School of Art, awardee of 2006 Rappaport Prize & is a professor of photography. Morell is famous for his Alice in Wonderland series.

Book Art (21) 4
Book Art (21) 5
Book Art (21) 6
Book Art (21) 7
Book Art (21) 8Cara Borer another great artist. "My photographs are primarily a documentation of a physical evolution. I have changed a common object into sculpture in a state of flux."

Book Art (21) 9
Book Art (21) 10
Book Art (21) 11Robert The's book installations and sculptures.

Book Art (21) 12
Book Art (21) 12Artecnica - book of lights by Takeshi Ishiguro for Artecnica.

Book Art (21)  13Book Art (21)  14
Book Art (21)  15
Book Art (21)  16
Book Art (21)  17"Olafur Eliasson made a hand bound book with 454 laser cut leaves. Read the book and imagine your dream house."

(via Funforever)

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