Dec 18, 2007

Art With Cigar Box.

Its really amazing that this purse, guitar, cracklebox & pinhole camera were made from cigar boxes.

Cigar Box Guitar (5) 1
Cigar Box Guitar (5) 2
Cigar Box Guitar (5) 3
Cigar Box Guitar (5) 4
Cigar Box Guitar (5) 5
Cigar Box Guitars. I am building guitars out of cigar boxes with my students at Roberto Clemente in Ann Arbor, MI. Here are some photos of the prototype I built at home (now updated with photos of my students' guitars).

cigar box purse (3)  1
cigar box purse (3)  2
 cigar box purse (3) 3Cigar Box Purse. Here are some of the awesome homemade cigar box purses.

Cigar Box GuitarAnother Cigar Box Guitar.

Homebuilt CrackleBox Homebuilt CrackleBox. This is homebuilt CrackleBox. Probably the oldest analog noise synthesizer. It is based on very rare opamp IC 709.

Cigar box pinhole cameraCigar box pinhole camera. Home-made cigar box pinhole camera Electrician's tape covers the aperture (0.3mm); some filters are at the ready for color exposures. Polaroid Land Camera back. Pack of 665 film.
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