Dec 24, 2007


Doesn't it really feel good to be in the company of your pets? It really feels good when your dog touches its wet nose or licks your face or when your cat comes & sits in your lap. These gestures of affections are something, which are priceless & selfless acts. Here are some images that are something, which one would like to see & cherish it forever. We personally feel that having company of pets do add much more joy in our day to day life, least that's how we feel & cherish the time we can spend with our three cute dogs. The eldest one is a Labrador aged 4 years named Jedi, the second one is a Doberman named Anakin Skywalker aged 3.6 years & the youngest one is a GSD named Luke Skywalker aged 3 years. They all are just nothing but bundle of joy. One other thing now that you know the names of our dogs you did get it that we are avid fans of Starwar series. Didn't you!

sea horses
pigeons(Image credit: Animal-pix).

lion(Image: Credit).

lion & monkey
dog & cat
dog & monkey
frog & rat(Image credit: Photo-and-image).

squirel & pigeons(Image: Credit).

Kid & parrot
girl & horse
man with pet
kid & rhinio
lady with big cat(Image credit: Paetau).

lady with baby alligator(Image : Credit).

(Image: Credit).
Faithful till the end.

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