Dec 28, 2007

Amazing Lizards.

Henry is one of the first popular (to the public) iguana-enthusiasts who lives with his unconventional family of 33 lizards (since 1982). He photographs them & his photos of iguanas are well known & he's been on TV many times. He also writes about Iguana behavior & health care.
All the images on his site are of real & live lizards & there is no 'photoshop' work involved.

two iguana on a tiny Couch Its a real & live one possing for the camera.

two iguana possing for camara

iguana in a sitting position

two iguana again possing for camera

two iguana on a tiny tricycleMillions are amazed by lizards & the key to their charm may be their color.

iguana's couch been adjusted

iguana's couch been adjusted 1These images were taken when Henry was making some minor adjustments at the coffee shop.

three iguanas on a tiny couch
One Fine Morning... In The Awesome Hollywood Hills of America, October 13, 2007...
Healthy pampered pet lizards, calm and willing to be photographed, and NO "Photoshop" work in this photo. Three real, live lizards, up in the Hollywood Hills, photo by Henry.

iguanas taking showerThis is interesting, these lizards takes a shower, every morning and night before bed.

iguana as a pet?This is the work of male iguana. So we believe you are getting a much wider picture with this image. If you are thinking for going in for iguana as a pet, then better go for a dog or a cat as its much easy to handle.
Thinking About Getting An Iguana? Better Think Twice and Know This About Iguanas As Pets
You might consider a different lizard as a pet, instead of an iguana, lizards such as "bearded dragons" or various types of skinks may be better pets. Iguanas can reach a size and weight (10 to 20 pounds) that becomes difficult to handle and house for some people.
Meet The Lizards.

<a href="//">Watch the "Meet The Lizards 1" Video on Youtube</a>

<a href="//">Watch the "Meet The Lizards 2" Video on Youtube</a>

Here you have tonnes of photos, essays & product details by Henry: Link.

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