Dec 24, 2007

Everything For You.

A four letter word that has the tremendous power to make one forget & live in it. Well what more can be said on it, we aren't poetic to say something else about it but one thing we can say for sure, it's an amazing effect on oneself till it lasts & in many cases it ends with marriage! So enjoy till it lasts.

rat with help of another rat giving flower to his friene(Image credit: Unknown).
One takes the help of friends to impress his girl.

How to impress a girl
And at times it may not be an easy time for friends to be around when one is trying to impress a girl.

when+love+is+everything(Image credit: Unknown).
When it is everything & nothing else makes sense.

Amazing feeling(Image credit: Unknown).
The magical moment.

on balcony (3) 1
on balcony (3) 2
on balcony (3) 3And this happens if the they are married & her husband comes back early.

buddy on bench(Image credit: Unknown).
Don't tag along friends.

Ty Ziegel & his wife, Renee Kline(Image credit: Bagnewsnotes).
May be this is what its all about. Ty Ziegel & his wife, Renee Kline (photo taken by Nina Berman ).

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