Dec 13, 2007

1,524-Pound Pumpkin Worth $9,144.

Just think of the pie one can make out of this pumpkin.
Thad Starr , of Pleasant Hill, Ore., set a record at the annual pumpkin weigh-off here with his 1,524 - lbs pumpkin.
He'll get $6 a lbs, bringing his winnings to $9,144. "It's the thrill of the victory," Starr said Monday after his pumpkin came out on top. "And it's the fruition of a year's work."

largest pumpkin

Pumpkin weighs 1,524-Pound

Pumplin cost  $ 9,144

winner as a largest pumpkin of California pumpkin festival

1,524-Pound Pumpkin Worth $9,144

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