Nov 8, 2007

Eggshell Art.

For many of us the eggshells mean nothing more than what that has to be thrown away. But as we say creativity has no bounds & artists can create art from anything around them, here we have this artwork of the artist who used the eggshell as his medium to express his art. We present to you 'Eggshell Art'.
Here we have some really beautiful creations made out of these eggshells & its beyond any doubt that these amazing creations can add beauty to your desk!
There is no information available least as of now about the artist who has created this magnificent work.
Update: These seem to be the work of the famous Carl Fabergé [Russian Jeweler, 1846-1920]. (Thanks Avi).

Eggshell Art 2
Eggshell Art 3
Eggshell Art 4
Eggshell Art 5
Eggshell Art 6
Eggshell Art 7
Eggshell Art 8
Eggshell Art 9
Eggshell Art 10
Eggshell Art 11
Eggshell Art 12

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