Nov 27, 2007

Can Dentists Be Like These.

Have you seen their tools! Seeing their equipment, it doesn't look like they ever had anything to do with formal training or education in dental care.
Furthermore, can they be termed or coined as 'dentist'?
These are the street dentists from Asia. Some suggest that their skills are brought down by their families, but do you think this statement makes any valid point?

Dentist 1
Dentist 2
Dentist  3
Dentist 4
Dentist  5
Dentist  6
Dentist  7
Dentist  8
Dentist  9
Dentist  10
Dentist  11
Dentist 12
Dentist  13
Dentist 14
Dentist 15

Here is a gallery of photos of street dentists.

Source: 1, 2 & 3.

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