Nov 26, 2007

Aquarium Art.

This aquarium art is by Takashi Amano. Takashi Amano is a designer, photographer, & aquarist. He is among one of the most influential people in the freshwater aquascaping community. He also created a Japanese company Aqua Design Amano out of interest in aquaria. He is also credited for introducing Japanese gardening concepts such as Wabi-sabi and Zen rock arrangement to the aquascaping hobby. He is also the author of Nature Aquarium World, a three-book series on aquascaping & freshwater aquarium plants & fish.
His aquascapes often mimic nature in their appearance, and can be regarded as a form of art.

Aquarium Art 1
Aquarium Art 2
Aquarium Art 3
Aquarium Art 4
Aquarium Art 5
Aquarium Art 6
Aquarium Art 7
Aquarium Art 8
Aquarium Art 9
Aquarium Art 10
Aquarium Art 11
Aquarium Art 12
(via Hemmy.)

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