Nov 30, 2007

Tattoo Removal.

We have seen many posts about tattoos. Here is how to remove it using a sanding tool. This can be done using laser too, but just in case if you want to remove it yourself then these images may give you a better understanding how it works.
Some images are graphic in nature.

Tattoo Removal (4) 1Tattoo before removal.

Tattoo Removal (4) 2Tattoo removal using a sanding tool.

Tattoo Removal (4) 3Hand after tattoo removed.

Tattoo Removal (4) 4Hand a few weeks later.


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Interesting Building Architecture.

Here we have J. Mayer H. Architects' designed, competition-winning building in Hamburg.
The design for the office building is the result of a limited competion by the investor cogiton in 2006. the building site is situated at the intersection between the hamburg's lively downtown and its urban landscape rich in water and mature trees. it is at the transition from city to nature, and the gateway building to the bustling metropolitan centre

Interesting Building Architecture (7) 1
Interesting Building Architecture (7) 2
Interesting Building Architecture (7) 3
Interesting Building Architecture (7) 4
Interesting Building Architecture (7) 5
Interesting Building Architecture (7) 6
Interesting Building Architecture (7) 7

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Nov 29, 2007

Awesome High Speed Photography – Part 2.

Here are some really interesting & amazing high-speed photographs. We have seen many photos using high-speed photography, but what makes this special & amazing is that in some of the photos we can see a hand of lady holding the object instead of it been placed on a secured surface. Coming to think of it, holding an object is quite something, or can these be photoshopped? Though much is not known about the origin of these images or who & when this beautiful work was created. Whatever it is, but the photos are really marvelous & if these are not photoshopped, particularly the one where we see the hand holding the object, its really amazing & the one who held the object does need to be appreciated.

Awesome High Speed Photography (17) 1

Awesome High Speed Photography (17) 2

Awesome High Speed Photography (17) 3

Awesome High Speed Photography (17) 4

Awesome High Speed Photography (17) 5

Awesome High Speed Photography (17) 6

Awesome High Speed Photography (17) 7

Awesome High Speed Photography (17) 8

Awesome High Speed Photography (17) 9

Awesome High Speed Photography (17) 11

Awesome High Speed Photography (17) 12

Awesome High Speed Photography (17) 13

Awesome High Speed Photography (17) 14

Awesome High Speed Photography (17)15

Awesome High Speed Photography (17) 16

Awesome High Speed Photography (17) 17

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Nov 28, 2007

15 Cool Grass Covered Cars.

Doesn't a car covered by grass fascinate? Here are a few very unique vehicles covered in astroturf & even real grass. Though dealing with the real grass needs lots of skills, see for yourself in this video. One other thing, we did find some other stuff covered in green & we have pulled those too in this post. Just check it out; you are going to like some of these eco friendly green cars.

15 Cool Grass Covered Cars (16) 1 (Image: Credit).

 15 Cool Grass Covered Cars (16) 2(Image: Credit).

15 Cool Grass Covered Cars (16) 3(Image: Credit).

15 Cool Grass Covered Cars (16) 4(Image: Credit).

15 Cool Grass Covered Cars (16) 5(Image: Credit).

15 Cool Grass Covered Cars (16) 6(Image: Credit).

15 Cool Grass Covered Cars (16) 7(Image: Credit).

15 Cool Grass Covered Cars (16) 8(Image: Credit).

15 Cool Grass Covered Cars (16) 9(Image: Credit).

15 Cool Grass Covered Cars (16) 10(Image: Credit).

15 Cool Grass Covered Cars (16) 11(Image: Credit).

15 Cool Grass Covered Cars (16) 12(Image: Credit).

15 Cool Grass Covered Cars (16) 13(Image: Credit).

15 Cool Grass Covered Cars (16) 14(Image: Credit).

15 Cool Grass Covered Cars (16) 15

15 Cool Grass Covered Cars (16) 16(Image: Credit).

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Underground Urban Farm In Japan.

Pasona the amazing underground urban farm in Tokyo has an underground rice and vegetable field. Here are some details:
An underground rice and vegetable field has been planted beneath an office building in Tokyo's Otemachi business district. This urban farm - that used to be the vault of a major bank - is maintained using computer-controlled artificial light and temperature management. It was brought into being by a personnel company as a means of providing agricultural training to young people who are having trouble finding employment and middle-aged people in search of a second career.
New Use for Former Bank Vault
The hi-tech vegetable patch, called Pasona O2, is located in the Otemachi Nomura Building in the Tokyo district of Otemachi, where many major corporations have their headquarters. The building, which has 27 floors above ground and five below, used to be the home to Tokyo Life Insurance and Resona Bank (formerly Daiwa Bank). But these firms have left, and office space in the building is now leased to several different companies. This project was launched by the temporary staffing agency Pasona Inc. When Pasona moved its headquarters to this building, it decided to lease the second basement floor - formerly the Resona Bank vault - and turn it into a vegetable garden.

Underground Urban Farm In Japan (9) 1
Underground Urban Farm In Japan (9) 2
Underground Urban Farm In Japan (9) 3
Underground Urban Farm In Japan (9) 4
Underground Urban Farm In Japan (9) 5
Underground Urban Farm In Japan (9) 6
Underground Urban Farm In Japan (9) 7
Underground Urban Farm In Japan (9) 8
Underground Urban Farm In Japan (9) 9
Here is the link for the gallery.

(via Make)

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