Oct 4, 2007


USB BBQ 1So tired of using the charcoal barbecue! Here is something that you are going to enjoy & may be who knows; you may even want to give it a try - USB BBQ. Its done using 6 USB extended cards of 5 ports with the total 30 ports to power up this small office BBQ.
USB BBQ 26 USB extended cards of 5 ports .
USB BBQ 3 As for the motherboard its 648 Max-F of MSI & power source is the 500W type of Antec.
USB BBQ 4And here is the USB extended card.
USB BBQ 5 The USB extended card is attached in the motherboard.
USB BBQ 6When you see from rear, 30 USB connectors lined up gives a magnificent view.
USB BBQ 8"The individual USB cable and cement resistance are connected. As for cement resistance with 10W as for the electric power consumption per 1 here 12.5W. They are some over specifications, but it probably is inside the scope of supply."
USB BBQ 10Silicon grease is used to stick cement resistance with the metal plate & its done.
USB BBQ 11This is ready to be tested & time to power up the system.
USB BBQ 12Piece of meat is placed on the plate of the USB cup warmer.
USB BBQ 13See the meat getting done.
What more do we need now, we got a USB BBQ right in our office!


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