Oct 5, 2007

Unusual People.

Here we have very interesting people, or rather it would be appropriate if we term it as some of the unusual people of the world. Its a matter of great interest to know how & when these people started doing these unusual things & how did all this start?
Glass eating manGlass eating man 1So how does he do it? He puts a piece of glass, then carefully moving it in his mouth deep at the back of teeth, chews it until the glass becomes liquid, & then takes it in. Don't ask us the taste of it.
Balancing guyBalancing guyThis guy amazingly balances himself on glasses & balances a cycle on his chin.
Mr. Electricity Mr. Electricity 1This guy is able to conduct & pass electricity through himself.
Eating guyEating guyWhat's this guy eating?
The milk ladyThis lady seems to drink the milk through her nose.
Air guyAir guyThis guy is capable of filling air from his ear.
Poweful eye ladyThis lady seems to have powerful eyelids.
The lip manThis guy is coolly able to push people on the trolley using his lips.
The magnetic boyHere we have the magnetic boy.
The snake womenThe snake womenThis lady seems to be quite comfortable in the company of reptiles & much more with the snakes.


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