Oct 12, 2007

How The Parking Should Be!

This is how the parking should be, then wont it be much more convenient? But this is no parking place; this is Volkswagen's Autostadt, which are automated dispensers for car buyers who pick up VWs in Wolfsburg. VW & their innovations are simply too good. Volkswagen's Autostadt hosts more than 6,000 visitors a day, if you plan a trip to Germany just to visit their facilities.
The Integrated Autostadt System:

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How The Parking should be 7Autostadt's three-tier information architecture (center) is the Web-based window through which information about new-car deliveries, event bookings, daily ticketing and hotel reservations is drawn together.
How The Parking should be 8 An inside view.
How The Parking should be 9
Visitors to the Autostadt are now able to experience the CarTowers from the inside! A special glass, panorama lift takes six guests through the same procedure as one of the 800 cars stored in the CarTowers.
Until recently the glass-encased steel construction of the CarTowers was closed to the public, now the inside of the Autostadt's most well-known landmark can be explored from top to bottom.
Visitors are taken up 48 metres to the 20th storey by the car shuttle as if they were a regular car - for extra effect the car shuttle swings slowly to the right and then back to the left before safely depositing the glass lift in a specially designed spot on the observation point.
A breathtaking view of the Autostadt's lagoon-landscape, the Volkswagen factory and the adjacent countryside greets the guests when they disembark. During the ride through the inside of the tower the ever changing views of the landscape merge with the impressions of a highly complex technology at work.
And here is our automated parking in New York. This is New York's first automated parking system built under a new Chinatown condo.
The 100 parking spaces that Mr. Schneeweiss managed have been replaced, below the 24 condos, by 74 spots in New York City's first automated parking garage. Two dozen spaces will be reserved for apartment owners. Starting Thursday, the rest will be open to the public - first for monthly lessees and, come spring, for drive-ins.
The project is the work of AutoMotion Parking Systems, the American subsidiary of Stolzer Parkhaus of Strassburg, Germany. Stolzer Parkhaus has built 28 automated garages in 11 countries since its first, in Kronach, Germany, in 1996. The software and hardware that moves the cars around in the garages were adapted from systems that store materials in warehouses.

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Here is the video link.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7.

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