Oct 10, 2007

Carpets from Russia!

Many or rather most of us use carpets in our homes & offices but the carpets displayed here are with a difference. These carpets are from Russia. Seeing the images on these carpets which are of mostly the Russian heroes, it looks more likely that these carpets must have been used or designed for walls rather than for the decoration of the floors.

Carpets from Russia 1Here is Lenin. One of the most popular hero of Soviet.
Carpets from Russia 2Lenin again.
Carpets from Russia 3Here too we have Lenin!
Carpets from Russia 4Looks like Lenin again.
Carpets from Russia 5Here we have Lenin in the middle surrounded by different happy workers of Soviet Russia.
Carpets from Russia 6Fidel from Cuba, a good friend of Soviet people.
Carpets from Russia 8This is Yuri Gagarin, the first Russian spaceman, as it has been said, the first man that flew to space.
Carpets from Russia 9This is Budenniy, Russian military leader from the dawn of Soviet state, back to 1917.
Carpets from Russia 10And here we have is Trotsky.


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