Oct 31, 2007

Artistic Water Tanks.

Why have a plain water tank when you can make it a work of art, or you can design it as an object? Here we have a gallery which shows how to make these tanks something worth looking at.

Artist Water Tanks 1 Pineapple Water Tower. Location: Honolulu - HI.
Artist Water Tanks 2 Coffee Pot Water Tower. Location: In Stanton Montgomery Co. IA.
Artist Water Tanks 3 Catsup Bottle Water Tower. Location: In Collinsville IL Madison Co - IL.
Artist Water Tanks 4 Ear of Corn Water Tower. Location: Libby Foods in Rochester. One block south of Rt 14 on 3rd Ave. Olmsted Co - MN.
Artist Water Tanks 5
Artist Water Tanks 6 Old Forester Water Tower. Location: In Louisville. On Dixie Hwy just south of Rt 150 (Broadway). Jefferson Co - KY.
Artist Water Tanks 7 Coffee Pot WT. Location: In Lindstrom. Along US8 in the center of town. Chisago Co - MN.
Artist Water Tanks 8Cup & Saucer Water Tower. Location: In Stanton Montgomery Co. IA.
Artist Water Tanks 9 Peach Water Tower. Location: In Gaffney SC, north of I-85 and east of exit # 90 1.4 miles. Cherokee Co - SC.
Artist Water Tanks 10 Baseball Water Tower. Location: North of Ft. Mill on the east side of I-77. Just south of exit 88. York Co - SC.
Artist Water Tanks 11Watermellon Water Tower. Location: In Luling TX Caldwell Co - TX.
Artist Water Tanks 12 Eye WT. Location: In Austin Travis Co - TX.
Artist Water Tanks 13 Cape Charles Water Tower. Location: Cape Charles Northampton Co - VA.
Artist Water Tanks 14Mud Cats Baseball Water Tower. Location: East of Zebulon on 264 at Rt 39 beside the Mud Cats baseball diamond. Wake Co - NC.
Artist Water Tanks 15Globe WT. Location: In Germantown at the Univ. of Maryland campus off of Observation Drive. Montgomery Co - MD.
Artist Water Tanks 16Strawberry Water Tower. Location: In Poteet. Atascosa Co - TX.


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Virtual Windows.

What if only your imagination limited what you could see outside your windows? Thinking of this, Ryan Hoagland came up with the idea of creating a 'virtual window'.
The Virtual Windows above consists of eight 15" LCD panels connected via custom-built cables to two nVidia Quadro NVS 400 PCI video cards, each with four DVI outputs. The LCD backlight inverters are driven by their own power supply (sitting on top of the PC) and the panels get their 3.3v power from the PC's ATX power supply. The total desktop resolution is 3072x2048. A small Visual Basic app cycles pre-cut images every 15 minutes & Windows manages the arrangement. The only reason the cables are visible is because the fireplace is in the way and that wall isn't due to be remodeled for quite a while. How to go about it?

Step 1: Proof of concept.

Step 2: Power for backlight inverter.

Step 3:Custom video cables.

Step 4: Four panels in a prototype configuration.

Step 5: Build the window frames.

Step 6: Install them on the wall.

Cool isn't!


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Oct 30, 2007

Can Chair.

How to make a can chair?
Step one: Obviously you need lots of cans. Wash all the cans before you stick them or the chair is going to smell in a few weeks. Done with this, next you will need lots of glue and perspex.
Gluing may be a tiring job & at times there may be a problem when 2 cans are to be stuck at an angle.
One thing should not be forgotten, that it needs large amount of cans & it took about 3 months to complete this.
Though once its done, you may opt for a few rubber pads on the seating area which will provide the grip & cushions on the chair for some comfort.
Now that we got a can chair anyone interested in making a footstool to accompany the chair?

Can+Chair+(15).jpgSource: 1 & 2.

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Giant Jellyfish.

We do agree that giant jellyfish do exist, such as the ones that sometime back appeared off the coast of Japan, but those were about the size of a washing machine, not the size of a truck.
So are some of these works of photoshoped?


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