Sep 29, 2007

Weekend Blogging - 6.

Here are some more links to keep you entertained this weekend. Enjoy!

Celebrities Without Makeup!
This needs no further details!

Working Slide Rule.
Working+slide+ruleWorking slide rule in Fort Worth world's largest at 352 feet in length.

Aquarium Coffee Table.
Coffee+TableBuild an aquarium coffee table for a part of the cost of ready-made models, from supplies found mostly at your local superstore. 10 Gallon and 20 Gallon models are easily possible.

How-To Build A Snow Candle!
Ice+candle.JPGThis is how to build a snow candle.

Disappearing Rabbit.
Rabbit.jpgFollow the rabbit tracks. The tracks suddenly end where the wing prints of an owl start.

50 Animals Driving.
Dog+drivingHere are some cool images of animals driving cars.

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