Sep 15, 2007

Weekend Blogging - 4.

Here are some links to keep you entertained this weekend.

Top 10 Ads In Tokyo's Train Stations

ad+tricks+01.jpgPingMag has come up with top 10 choices of advertisement in Tokyo's trains & stations. Really interesting!

Ten Facts About Albert Einstein

Einstein.gifHe liked his feet without shoes………………..


cross+word.JPGA crossword which makes your both sides of brain to work.

Human Upgrades

simple+nose.JPGTill now we used to get upgrades for systems & now we have upgrades for humans too.

Portrait Tattoos

Tattoo.jpgThere is nothing to describe it, you just need to see it.

How Lightsaber Works

lightsaber-1.jpgDid you ever feel interested to know how the lightsaber works after seeing in the Starwars movies? If yes here is the answer!

Useless Japanese Inventions

Japanese.jpgIs there a need to add anything further to this?

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