Sep 25, 2007

People In Moscow Subway.

If you visit Moscow, don't miss to visit Moscow Subways. They are worth looking, their architecture, high ceilings, magnificent interiors, antique type chandeliers gives it a look like a museum. If don't have time to visit & want to have a quick glance here is the gallery. And here are the people in the Moscow Subway.

 commando doing his thingThe woman seems to be in her own world & isn't interested what this commando is doing.

owner asleep with muscial instrument kept asideThis is really a huge balalaika & the owner is asleep, unaware whether he will see his musical instrument when he wakes up.

sleeping guysThis looks more of a common thing seeing the reaction of the people around.

Embarrassed ladyThis young lady's expression shows that she is self-conscious & is feeling a bit out of place when being clicked with a guy sleeping next to her.

Symbiosis This is a perfect example of mutual cooperation: you scratch my back & I'll do it for you.

crowded placePeople like us better take a cab instead of the Moscow city subway.

drink & rideDrink & drive isn't a good policy but how about drink & ride?

officer off dutyOfficer sleeping in subway! How tiring his job must be & how righteous he is to his duty, the cap speaks for itself.

real team Now this is team sprit or rather this is a team sleep!


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