Sep 13, 2007

Gravity, Think Again!


So how about overcoming gravity in ten simple steps:

gravity+2.jpgStep 1. You will be needing an empty room.

gravity+3.jpgStep 2. Now you need to paint the entire room & the floor white.

gravity+4.jpgStep 3. To add more reality to the whole structure paint a window on the floor.

gravity+5.jpgStep 4. Now you need to put a rug on the wall, & keep a table over it & add a bed to this setup.

gravity+6.jpgStep 5. Further to this add a poster & a light switch on the ceiling for making a more realistic effect.

gravity+7.jpgStep 6. Now you need to reinstall the curtain holder & tack up the drapes to make them fall sideways. Plus sticking some stuff to the table in a manner would make it look much better.

gravity+8.jpgStep 7. Now its time to fix the bin. "Nail a bin high up in a corner of the room, & arrange it. "Lean" a broom against the ceiling (again using monofilament thread)."

gravity+9.jpgStep 8. Now arrange a bookshelf, filled with books & fix an end table & put a lamp on it.

gravity+10.jpgStep 9. "Arrange a ceiling lamp so it "comes" sideways out of the opposite wall into the middle of the room."

gravity+11.jpgStep 10. "And finally the coup de grâce - affix a chair high on the wall (using metal L-brackets). This one change suddenly added a whole new level of vertigo. Standing in the room began to feel like floating overhead."

The whole process takes about two days, one day for painting & the other day for arranging the stuff.


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